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Light planning

Light planning


Artificial light is no substitute for the proven healthy sunlight that promotes your well-being. Nevertheless, in our civilised society we spend more time in illuminated rooms than outdoors. With our light planning, you decide in favour of high-quality light that heightens your well-being at your place of work and in your private rooms. Optimised light planning is based on the use of energy-efficient and low-CO2 LED lighting in a light colour that promotes health and is pleasant for the body and soul. Great attention should be paid to the choice of lighting particularly at the place of work. It is a well-known fact that poor lighting causes fatigue more quickly, and for this reason is even a danger to life in some sectors.

Lightcore-Energy would be happy to help you with the highest competence in the planning of complete lighting concepts and their implementation. With your focus on renewable resources and the use of LED lamps, you protect both your pocket and the environment. With the planning of lighting concepts, we also offer financing for the implementation and thus give you the chance to reconsider and reconfigure the lighting at the place of work.

Light planning

It’s all about planning

As far as the planning is concerned, experienced experts are just the right contacts for your ideas. Apart from our work as providers of green power, we are also happy to help you if you decide to reconfigure your existing lighting concept and employ innovative solutions. Contact us directly and find out what we can do for you and how we can put your company “in the right light”.

It is a fact that by changing over to LED, you save a great deal of money and decide in favour of a durable, sustainable light system that also reduces environmental damage. A good lighting concept is based on precise planning that considers your needs and meets these with the best aspects. We at Lightcore-Energy Deutschland are your No. 1 address when it comes to your light planning and the implementation of your ideas.