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ightcore-Energy is your No. 1 address with its focus on the future of the energy market. It is an undisputed fact that the energy demand is rising continuously – and will continue to grow in the future.

For you as ultimate consumer, it will therefore become all the more important to choose your electricity provider with care and attention.

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We, Lightcore-Energy Deutschland, are an innovative electricity provider. When it comes to your electricity, you are well-advised to rely on experts who offer you new possibilities and opportunities far removed from conventional power generation. Contact us with all your questions and choose the right net tariff for you today!


enewable energies are in focus and offer you the possibility of eco-friendly lighting, while at the same time meeting the high demand for energy. In addition to our performance as electricity provider, we are partner of the Deutsche Grünstrom Invest eG, your contact if you want to generate revenue with green energy from renewable resources. Our field of business also covers energy procurement – and exclusively in the green power sector, of course.

It is a fact that the signs of the times are pointing to renewable resources, and that conventional electricity is steadily declining in importance. As this orientation does not apply to the electricity demand, however, every electricity provider will have to adapt to these trends in future. Do you want to protect the environment today and source your energy from renewable resources with seamless documentation of its generation and procurement? The future can start in the present if you set off in the right direction and rely on an electricity provider who lives this vision and lets you be part of it.

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Electricity is not only electrifying, electricity is particularly exciting. Find out more about the extensive business endeavors at Lightcore Energy Deutschland.

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We are a pioneer as an electricity provider and as a contact for green energy. But we can do more for you, as we are active in various fields of business and will be happy to help you save electricity and money and optimise your consumption.

  • Analysis of the load profile data
  • Consumption timing according to load profile
  • Measurement of the incoming voltage
  • Metering point optimisation

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